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Blossom Supreme


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Blossom Supreme as an oil-in-water emulsion is the moisturising, vitalising day care. It makes the skin pleasantly soft and smooth and gives a tranparent appearance. It is well absorbed by the skin as a day-care. Blossom Supremecontains biogenous germ extracts, the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), vitamins A and E, finest blossom oils and ultra-fine titanium dioxide as natural UV-filter.                                        Wheat germ extracts gently tighten, smoothen and vitalise the skin promoting its circulation. The Natural Moisturising Factor maintains the water-retaining properties of the skin in a healthy, physiological way. Vitamin A, the "epithelial-layer protective vitamin" maintains smoothness of the skinand acts normalising on keratinisation processes.                                  Vitamin E, improves blood circulation and has a positive effect on skin cell formation. At the same time, it protects the skin from damage caused by light, by eliminating UV-induced free radicals.                               The especially selected, refreshing, fine essential blossom oils support the revitalising and stimulating effect of the germ extracts, providing a synergy with other active ingredient components - especially for the day. Micronised titanium dioxide absorbs and reflects damaging UV rays.

Application:                                                                                                      Blossom Supreme is a favoured product in the salon for the finishing treatment of the normal, youthful and combination skin. It also is a silky, permeable base for any following make-up.

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