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Collagen Balsam is a soft, rich skin care emulsion for the maintenance of peripheral moisture, elasticity and tension of the demanding and moisture-lacking skin. It contributes to the smoothness and softness of the skin and is well absorbed, being an oil-in-water emulsion. With protecting UV-filter. In addition to marine collagen, Collagen Balsam contains biogenous germ extracts and high-quality precious plant oils, the cytokin-complex and an UV-filter.                                             The marine collagen has a highly hydrating effect on the skin and supports the formation of a skin protection film and therefore has a positive impact on the skin's elasticity. Biogenous wheat germ extracts stimulate the peripheral metabolism processes and improve the tonus of the skin. The cytokin-complex contains biologically active polypeptides which control the physiological balance between the cells and their enviroment. They help improve firmness, elasticity and smoothness of the skin.            

Application:Collagen Balsam is afinishing treatment for the above mentioned skin constitutions as well as an ideal, very supple make-up foundation.                                    


For home treatment, Collagen Balsam is the optimal product for the moisture-lacking, already demanding complexion and is an ideal make-up foundation.                                                     


After refreshment of the face, the client should vitalise it with the application of Lotion Supreme and then apply Collagen Balsam with light circular movements to allow it to be fully absorbed into the skin.                         

For a moisture-lacking and very oil-lacking skin, we recommend for the day the richer water-in-oil emulsion Collagen Supreme. 

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