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Climate, fatigue, medical treatments are some of the numerous factors damaging to the skin. Redness, tautness and roughness are some of the signs that may indicate the skin is struggling in protecting itself.

NUTRI+ nourishes and regenerates the skin and helps it become radiant again and to recover suppleness, comfort and vitality.

NUTRI+ draws its vital nutriments from wheat germ oil and its revitalising essential oils from the Yon-Ka Quintessence.

This very thin oil will mix perfectly with any of our creams, turning it into an SOS skin care for all skins that are strained, lack of energy or feel uncomfortable.

To prevent and slow down the appearance of the signs of ageing, you may add one or two pumps of your booster to ELASTINE JOUR or NUIT . Your skin is very dry and feels too tight and is flacking? Mix one or two pumps of this oil into your NUTRI DEFENSE Cream.

We recommend to use NUTRI+ morning and night during a month for an intensive course of treatment; you may also use it occasionnally every time you skin feels the need. It may also be used alone directly onto the skin for an efficient night care.

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